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  • Hi Sachi I have been reading with interest your series on MGR. I do have a couple of questions and I hope you don’t mind me asking:a) Was MGR genuine in his support for LTTE ? There are a section of people who think that he only did it to spite his rival Karunanidhi. Is it so ?b) Some sections of the hindutva brigrade in India allege that the entire eelam campaign was orchestrated by Christian missionaries and I’ve seen some articles where they allege that even Prabhakaran was a christian. I have never seen any religious symbolism promoted by the tigers so far and except for the fact that he got married in a temple. Can you please give your opinion in this matter?b) The tigers had a wave of saluting which was with the right forearm straight across the chest with the palm facing up – Is this an old tamil martial tradition ? Can you please throw some light on it ?Thank youJK“writing this biography on Pirabhakaran is my thanksgiving to the sacrifices of more than 17,000 youths who had believed in his leadership. These young men and women were no’human robots prepared to die for the cause’ as the mean-spirited ‘Leo Panthera’ had tagged them. They were intelligent and courageous human beings who stayed in the island to fight against state oppression and eco-vandalism of pristine Tamil homeland. Among them would have been talented tacticians, technicians, teachers, musicians, engineers and artists. Though their voices have been stilled, I felt that I had to write on their behalf.”A fitting tribute indeed to those brave souls.

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