Basho Pool & Spa at Osho Ashram, Pune


OIF [OSHO International Foundation] cites financial loss during the pandemic as a reason for sale. Suffers a loss of ~Rs. 3.65 Cr while taking care of about 15-20 people in less than a year’s time. Without any transparency in accounts, no consideration of donations, leasing, or any other creative way to generate income.

Currently, under the name of Mr. Mukesh Sarda (OIF Trustee), an application seeking permission to sell has been filed at the Charity Commissioner, Bombay. An objection to the sale has been lodged by several disciples. The matter is sub-judice and the hearings are on the way.


To many, the picture is of a lucrative real estate in a posh area in Pune as Survey 15 & 16.

But, to the disciples and lovers of Osho, this is Basho, not a mere piece of property or a spa, rather an integral part of the Charged Buddha-field created naturally around a Buddha being

– Osho.

Osho says, a Buddha continues to radiate this field of energy for generations to come, working as a catalyst for seekers/meditators; even after leaving his/her body.

Is it a battle for property and power-struggle then?

No, It is a matter of deep spiritual connection and love for the Guru and his place built with love and devotion by several individuals and should not be at the mercy of a select few people running the place.

Indisputably Osho has been a controversial Guru from changing his name to Bhagwan Rajneesh to finally Osho to his modern meditation experiments. He has been the ultimate ‘misfit’ not enslaved by any organized religion or system. He sees through the crumbling structures of society, shatters through the -ism glass, and exposes the serpentine snares of the so-called civilization. The idea of heaven and hell dissipate in his presence, for Osho hammers on the ‘Now’ accepting all of you as you are, diseased and marred, not leaving a paralyzed limb or an injured toe-nail behind. All the taboos lose their anathema, freeing up the repressions step by step.

Many times, Osho has contradicted his own statements and admittedly so, as a device to engage and enrage the intellect so the watcher within can emerge. It is quite natural that there are several disagreements amongst his sannyasins because we all absorb Osho through our mind-noise, varying only in the degree of the inner cacophony. So, until the sannyasins have the aberration-free glasses, rather no glasses at all, then can any dis-agreements be resolved.

Having said that, it must be noted that there is no fight amongst the Sannyasins as to who understands Osho and his vision better.. it is a disapproval of the ways of operation of the few fellow disciples, at the face of striking digression from Osho’s way.

It is time to call for a change!

Enough is Enough!

For many years, disciples worldwide have either not known of, or not suspected anything amiss or have shown patience and trust with OIF Trustees.

This current act of spiritual vandalism has really brought us all to the point of shock.

Enough is Enough!

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    1. Denial of the Pune Ashram being an Ashram at all or even a Commune, perhaps again to make the property available in the market for sale.

    2. Hiked entrance cost abruptly since the year 2000 to discourage the sannyasins from visiting the ashram frequently, removed the Sannyasin volunteers from working at the ashram, instead hired ‘Sodexo’ a hospitality company at a hefty cost for maintenance of Ashram.

    3. Removed Osho’s pictures from all over the Ashram including the Samadhi area and the growth of a culture demeaning any form of reverence to Osho as one’s guru. The reason for this has been given as, “stupid Indians bow down before the picture” and “the young people coming in were put off by the picture of a dead guy”.

    4. The various Trust name changes and shuffling of assets both financial and material.

    5. Various Private Limited companies in the name of the Trustees.

    6. The stealthy creation of IPRs. OIF has had lawyers copyright Osho’s name, works and words and also trademark his meditations in direct contradiction of Osho’s stated wishes. The basis on which these IPRs are formed is subject to challenge in the courts.

    7. The sudden emergence of a fake Will of Osho and the elaborate forging of the signature in order to support a trademark claim in a Spanish court. When challenged by experts, the Will was conveniently lost.

    8. The aim and objective of OIF, India as registered in January 1991 was education and comparative study of various philosophers and so on, with no mention of Osho or Bhagwan Rajneesh or of his vision anywhere. [Ammendments, if forced upon, later on, are not available on the public website]

    9. Osho’s spoken words have been edited. This is completely against his instructions. Perhaps, it is in order to mask and minimise his impact and importance as a Guru, Master and to reduce Osho into some thinker or a philosopher.

    10. The closing down of Osho Centres and pulling down of websites that publish Osho’s original discourses or videos. These are posted as expressions of love and reverence for Osho. This is particularly tragic as Osho emerges as one of the greatest voices in contemporary spirituality. He cannot belong to a Trust or Corporate institution – he belongs to humanity.

    11. The licensing of centres under pressure to provide royalties and franchises.

    12. A switch to Monsoon Festival, New Year’s Eve Celebration and halting Guru Purnima, Enlightenment Day, Osho’s Birthday and other Festivals customary amongst Osho’s people.

    13. Discouraging Hindi Discourses and Osho Times Hindi, promoting OSHO as a manipulated ‘idea’ and not Osho, the alive Buddha being.

    14. The running down of visitor numbers to the Ashram by continual price hikes and the dictatorial, repressive behaviour of staff there, so contrary to Osho’s message of freedom. With the decline of visitors, the Trust seeks to justify its proposed property sale.

    15. The disappearance of a huge number of Osho’s private effects, drawings, autographed books etc for “safekeeping”. The books were mutilated in the name of safekeeping.It is alleged that through certain political partnerships it became possible to have all financial inflows to the ashram in cash. This could lead to ‘cooking the books’ and allow funds to be funnelled to Zurich, Ireland, the present abode of the Chairman. It also enables the plea that the ashram ‘needs’ to be dismembered.

    16. The denial of the existence of Osho’s sacred Samadhi within the Ashram, admitted in an affidavit made by OIF Trustee Mukesh Sarda. An attempt perhaps to make the sale of property easier in India.

Afterall, it is not an institution. It is a meeting place of friends. It is nobody’s Monopoly.