Anger Management

30 second punch out for anger release

How you can safely use a punch bag to release any inner anger safely! And without hurting anybody else. Resulting in a sense of calm that will last all day!

3 Simple steps

Did you know that excessive anger can lead to everything from the common cold to heart attacks? Here we’re going to teach you how to healthily process your anger in just three simple steps!

Anger Management Technique – Dalai Lama

XIV Dalai Lama: “Sometimes, I feel like ocean. Waves come, always come, Comes Go, Comes go,. But underneath Ocean always remain calm. That I think, one method.”

Anger Management for Kids (and Adults)

A short fun video teaching kids and adults how to manage their anger in 5 simple steps. Super easy to do with instant results! Try it the next time you lose your temper.


How to relieve stress? While a certain amount of stress in our lives is normal and even necessary, excessive stress can interfere with normal daily activities and take a toll on our personal lives and health. Today we at invite you to try an ancient Japanese technique of self-relaxation that will not take you more than 5 minutes and can be done just about anywhere. To practice the technique, it is important to understand that each of the fingers of our hand represents a different feeling or attitude.

CBT Techniques For Anger Management

Anger is a very focusing and energizing feeling, and it has its purposes – for example, it could save our life as the fight part of our natural survival mechanism. And while anger can be a real buzz, there are tips we can share with our anger management clients who are looking for extra help controlling their anger, and I’ll share a few of them in this video. I also talk more about CBT and on whether our thoughts comes before our feelings, and why this is important when dealing with anger.


This Healing Indian Music to reduce anger is set in Saraswathi Raag.

Breathing Technique for Releasing Anger

This video demonstrates a quick and simple breathing technique that can help us alleviate anger and frustration.

How to Control Anger w/ Deep Breathing | Anger Management