Almonds – 1/2 cup
Dates – 1/2 cup
Walnuts – 1/4 cup
Soaked (swelled) Chia seed – 1/4 cup
Crushed Cardamom – 1/2 tsp

Pistachio – 1/4 cup
Ground flax seed – 1 tbsp
Saffron – a pinch, soaked
Sesame seed
Pumpkin seed

Soak and rinse Almonds and walnuts.
Dates should be soaked and reconstituted.

Blend together using enough water to make it drinkable to suit. Adjust the quantity of dates for desired sweetness. Milk (dairy or plant based) can be used in place of water to add taste and richness.

Take on an empty stomach, maximum 24 oz. Drink slowly And savor each mouthful to allow digestion to begin in your mouth, and enjoy the wonderful life ahead of you! 😇