Children Meditation

Hot Air Balloon Ride: A Guided meditation for Kids, Children’s Visualization For Sleep & Dreaming

A beautiful guided meditation for children at bedtime to help promote a peaceful sleep with restful dreams. (Suitable for all ages.) Your child begins with a hot air balloon ride, visiting a zoo and going for a balloon ride with their favorite animal from the zoo.

Sun salutation for kids/सूर्य नमस्कार बच्चो के लिए
Our new series specially for kids.

Give your children meditation as well as thinking. Thinking will help them to be successful in the world, and meditation will help them towards success in the divine. Give them thought to sharpen their intellects, give them meditation to nurture the sacred in their hearts. The most important phenomenon in the world happens where sacredness of the heart meets the activeness of the intellect. In that meeting, activity and inactivity balance each other, the day and the night both cease to be, and you start catching glimpses of that which lies beyond both life and death.
-Swami Advaitanand

Breath Meditation for Kids Mindfulness for Kids:

A calming breath meditation designed to introduce kids to
mindfulness. Kids imagine a sail boat rising and falling over waves as they inhale and exhale. They use mental imagery to see their breath as color as they observe the sensation of it passing through the nostrils. Finally the cultivate beginners mind imagining they were once a fish and are feeling air in their lungs for the first time