Discover Your Power Symbol

As you sit on the log, surrounded by the peaceful sounds of nature, you find yourself drawn to the nearby water. In your mind’s eye, you envision a serene pool glistening with sunlight at the edge of the woods. With a sense of grounding, you rise from the log, ensuring your roots remain firmly connected to the Earth. Take a moment to feel the weight of your roots, grounding you in this present moment.

As you approach the water, you notice a secluded beach, protected by two large rocks on either end. The sense of safety and relaxation washes over you as you step onto the beach. The water beckons you to come closer, inviting you to immerse yourself in its crystal clear warmth.

With each step, you wade deeper into the water, feeling its gentle caress against your skin. Pause for a moment, allowing the sun to warm the crown of your head. As you stand in the water, a golden light catches your attention, moving swiftly towards you. The water propels a bright object closer to you, carrying with it a promise of inner power.

Prepare yourself as the object draws near. You can sense its presence and its ability to empower you. Anticipation builds as it comes into view. Take a moment to observe its shape and form. What does it represent to you?

Now, reach out and claim your power symbol. This symbol is meant for you and you alone. As you hold it in your hands, take a moment to focus on the sensations it evokes. Does it fill you with energy? Does it radiate warmth? Take a few moments to fully embrace the feelings it stirs within you.

With your power symbol in hand, step out of the water and make your way back to the beach. Feel the sand beneath your feet, grounding you in this moment. As you walk back towards the forest, carry your symbol with you, knowing that its power is now yours to harness.

Return to the log and take a seat, keeping your power symbol close to you. Allow yourself a few moments to bask in the energy it provides. Gently shift your focus back to your feet, reminding yourself of your connection to the Earth. Imagine the cool bed of leaves beneath your toes and heels, grounding you in the natural world.

Slowly bring your awareness back to the present moment, to the room you are in. Feel the weight of your body in the chair beneath you. Listen to the sounds around you, bringing yourself fully back into the present. Reconnect with your feet, feeling their presence and gently wiggling your toes. Rub your palms together, wiggle your fingers, and move your shoulders.

Take a deep breath, filling your lungs with revitalizing air. When you feel ready, slowly open your eyes, first looking down and then allowing your gaze to rise until you are looking straight ahead. Take your time, honoring your own pace. If possible, give yourself a moment to stretch in silence, providing space for others to do the same.

Embrace the power of your symbol and carry it with you as a reminder of the strength and energy that resides within you.