Focus on the Sport You Love

Now, let’s take a moment to focus on the sport you love. Close your eyes and imagine yourself as a sportsperson. Take a deep breath and let this image of your sporty self fill your mind.

Think about all the good things about the sport. Reflect on every little thing that you love about it. Allow yourself to fully immerse in the feelings it brings. Feel the excitement and the life that it brings to you.

Take a moment to consider what you wish to achieve in your sport. Visualize every detail of the event, from the movements involved to the atmosphere surrounding it. Picture your body executing each movement with precision and perfection. Play these movements in your mind, taking the time to imagine them vividly.

Now, imagine how it will feel when you achieve your goals. Visualize the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that will wash over you. Let that feeling sink in for a moment. This is the feeling that you need to hold onto throughout this meditation. Capture it in your mind and in your body.

As you prepare to exit this meditation, take this feeling with you. Let it become a part of you, stored everywhere – in your mind and in your body. Carry it with you as you continue on your journey in your sport.

Now, gently shift your focus back to your feet. Remember that you are sitting on a log in the middle of a forest. In your mind, stand up and walk back to the forest. Feel the cool bed of leaves beneath your bare feet as you walk. Let the sensation of the forest floor touching your toes and heels ground you.

Slowly bring your awareness back to the present moment. Feel your feet on the ground, rooted deep within it. As you maintain focus on your feet, become fully aware of the room around you. Notice the chair supporting your body. Take a moment to listen to the sounds in the room.

Bring your attention back to your feet. Can you feel them? Gently wiggle your toes and feel the sensation of the floor beneath your feet. Press them slightly onto the floor. Wiggle your fingers and rub your palms. Move your shoulders and take a deep breath.

When you are ready, slowly open your eyes. Start by looking down, then gradually lift your gaze until you are looking straight ahead. Take your time with this. Once your eyes are open, give yourself a good stretch in silence, allowing others the space to do the same in their own time.

Remember, as you go about your day, hold onto that feeling of accomplishment and let it guide you in your pursuit of your sport. You are strong and capable, and with this focus, you can achieve great things.