Embracing Help: A Natural and Beneficial Practice

Take a moment to bring your attention back to your feet. Visualize them deeply rooted into the ground, with thick roots extending from each foot. As you ground yourself, consider the areas in your life where you may need assistance. It’s completely normal to require help from others from time to time. Reflect on up to three things that you could ask for help with.

Now, think about the people in your life who might be able to lend a helping hand. Have you ever reached out to them for support? If not, take a moment to explore the thoughts or beliefs that have been holding you back. Is there a belief that asking for help is not a good idea? It’s important to recognize that seeking assistance is a common practice, and there is no harm in doing so.

Imagine a scenario where you have already asked for help and have been graciously offered it. Consider how you would feel about accepting this help. Pay attention to any tension or discomfort that may arise. Remind yourself internally: “I am happy to accept help. I receive with gratitude.” Accepting help is not only natural but also beneficial. People seek help all the time, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t do the same.

Take a moment to reflect on all the times you have assisted others. It doesn’t matter if they were small acts of kindness. What may seem insignificant to one person can be incredibly meaningful to another. Regardless of the scale, you have made a difference. Recall the positive emotions you experienced when your help was accepted. Hold onto this feeling.

Now, take a deep breath and relax. Shift your focus back to your feet, imagining yourself sitting on a log in a peaceful forest. As you stand up and walk back into the forest in your mind, feel the cool bed of leaves beneath your bare feet. Allow yourself to fully experience the sensation of the forest floor against your toes and heels.

Slowly bring your awareness back to the present moment. Feel your feet firmly planted on the ground, connected to the earth. As you continue to focus on your feet, become fully present in the room. Take note of the chair supporting your body. Listen to the sounds around you.

Bring your attention back to your feet once more. Wiggle your toes, feeling the floor beneath them. Gently press your feet against the ground. Move your fingers and rub your palms together. Roll your shoulders and take a deep breath. When you feel ready, slowly open your eyes, starting by looking down and gradually lifting your gaze.

Take your time with this process. After opening your eyes, give yourself a good stretch if possible, allowing others the space to do the same in their own time.