(Traditional Mantra Meditation Technique from Kashmir Shaivism – Vigyan Bhairav Tantra)

Mantra is a sacred utterance, numinous sound, or a syllable revealed by ancient Hindu tradition. In Sanskrit, mantra means: “man” – mind or to think and “tra”- instrument or means. Mantras are powerful enough to generate vibration across the energetic centers in the body.
“AUM” is most powerful mantra meditation technique from Kashmir Shaivism – Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra is a 4500 year’s old one the most sacred text in Hinduism which consist of 112 meditation techniques of enlightenment given by lord Shiva to goddess Parvati. It is believed that there is no sound in this universe that excludes the sounds of three alphabets in “AUM”. It is a combination of three alphabetical sounds – A, U, M, representing the sound in the human head, heart and the navel.
This is the technique by which one should follow – ‘A’ to ‘U’ and from ‘U’ to ‘M’. Mantras are common in the pujas performed as part of the tradition, in India. These three letters in the syllable are considered as the three states of consciousness.
First one, uttered with the open mouth is the waking state. In Sanskrit, it is called as the “Jagrat”. This means the mind is extroverted or is towards the external world. Next alphabet uttered by closing the mouth partially, is the state of dreaming. “Swapna” is a term in Sanskrit for this state. The final one, pronounced with the mouth closed, is a deep sleep state: “Sushupthi” in Sanskrit.

Four Stages of Consciousness With Relation to Aum Mantra:

  1. Lower curve: Gross, Conscious, Waking states: (first alphabet “A” in AUM) n Sanskrit, it is called as the “Jagrat”
  2. Center curve: Unconscious, Subtle, Dreaming states (second alphabet “U” in AUM)
  3. Upper curve: Subconscious, Casual, Deep Sleet level (third alphabet “M” in AUM)
  4. Bindu, dot, point: representing the fourth stage, the state of all pervading consciousness, the transcendental state that covers everything in this universe – Turiya (the state of silence after A, U, and M of AUM mantra)

Aum mantra meditation technique has four stages, in first stage you start chanting “AUM” “AUM” “AUM” loudly & continuously overlapping
mantra “AUM” “AUM” “AUM” with your total intensity. Try not to stop & keep repeating mantra “AUM” “AUM” “AUM”.
In stage two everything remains same but this time you keep chanting “AUM” “AUM” “AUM” inside your consciousness. In third stage you must bow down your head so that your chin touches your neck it’s a gesture of surrender. In this stage you try to hear & feel the sound of “AUM” inside your body. In fourth stage let go of the technique, slowly lie down in Shavasana with complete silence with eyes closed.

Meditation Tips Before We Get Started…

• It is essential to be in a comfortable and a relaxed position before beginning any meditation practice.
• The place chosen for meditation practice must be calm, quiet, have a free flow of air and must be free from any external disturbances.
• Sitting posture must be perfect for meditation. Neck should be straight, spine upright, and erect.
• Head should be straight like you are watching someone in front of you, this allows your mind to calm down.
• Keep eyes closed throughout, no strain should be felt in neck or facial muscles, also try to relax your shoulders, arms, and thighs before meditation.
• Chin mudra is the preferred hand mudra

Method How To Do This Meditation

Preparation Stage (Dance For 10 Minutes)

It is very essential to warm up the body before doing Aum Mantra Meditation, I will suggest you to put good dance music tracks and move your body freely with eyes closed, like if you are possessed with dance. Let your body take over completely. Try not controlling your movements and just being total in the dance. After ten minutes of dance slowly sit down and relax for 5 to 7 minutes. Then start Aum Mantra Meditation.

Stage 1: 7 Minutes.

• Sit straight in a comfortable posture. You can place the hands on knees, keeping palms up or down.
• Bring your awareness to the body and stay in that state for a few moments.
• Maintaining the eyes half closed state, observe the tip of the nose. Chant repeatedly the mantra “AUM” “AUM” “AUM” – with maximum loudness.
• Use the complete strength. Let the body get immersed in the vibrations created by the mantra AUM.
• Repetition shall be in such a way that one is overlapping with the one before. There shall be no gap left between the two. This keeps the mind away from intruding.
• Continue like this for 7 minutes.

Stage 2: 7 Minutes.

• Keep the eyes closed. Keep the tongue in such a way so as it touches the roof of the mouth.
• Now internally chant the mantra AUM. Keep the same speed like the previous stage.
• This should be done in a way to fill the whole body with “AUM”.
• The vibrations should tremble from the toe till the head.
• Continue like this for 7 minutes.

Stage 3: 7 Minutes.

• Try to listen and experience the mantra AUM inside by dropping the chin towards the chest.
• This is like the head has been cut off, and there is no life. Observe like a witness.
• Silently listen to the subtle sound, Continue to remain in this state for 7 minutes.

Stage 4: Around 7 To 10 Minutes.

• Let go of the technique, slowly bring your hands & legs down and relax in Shavasana with complete silence with eyes closed. Just remain in silence and don’t focus on anything in particular. Allow yourself to become aware and watch whatever is happening inside your body. Just relax and be a witness to experience. Continue this for around 7 to 10 minutes.