Chakra Dance Meditation

Chakra Dance Meditation

Chakra Dance Meditation

(Active Meditation Based on Body Awareness on Seven Chakras)

-About Seven Chakras-

As there are seven bodies, so there are also seven chakras, energy centres, and each chakra is connected in a special way with its corresponding body.
This seven-energy centres or seven chakras are in the physical body of every human being. It’s a vehicle that elevates people above petty worldly concerns. “Chakra” in Sanskrit means wheels or “spinning vortices.” These seven chakras are energetic locations that regulate the state of consciousness in each and every one of us. They are positioned almost in the centre of the body. The chakras associated with our latent instincts, feelings and emotions are located in the lowest part of our body while those governing the mind and intellect are located above the heart. Chakras
directly govern our psychological behavior. Chakras are directly related to our physical health, psychological behavior, and our emotional well being.

Chakra Dance Meditation is a form of meditation which ensures free expressive active dance along with the movement of awareness going
through each chakra. Spontaneous dance is led by celebration music, usually you can start with slow music followed by fact music in the middle then slowly ending with soft slow healing music. Like traditional Indian fusion music. This meditation technique tries to arouse all our senses and
body parts simultaneously to expressive dance with awareness on chakras. The usual duration of this form of meditation is around one hour which will make you enjoy the energy of life through the activation of the hidden energy of our body chakras. It is an active meditation, where bringing
awareness to your body movement’s help’s to create transformation and enjoy the nature which is inherent in our body system. This one hour of
complete involvement and complete dissolution of self in the dancing will make you feel good for a week or more. This form of meditation will ensure
you’re you are in a position to re-active your body energy system and releasing stress and emotions. chakra dancing balances the seven energy centers situated along the spine of our body. This technique of meditation helps in stimulating the natural flow of energy, or chi, through the chakras, the dance leads to physical and mental well-being.

Dancing should be practiced in open fresh air and for each chakra, enjoy dancing for around 5-7 minutes. While practicing the dancing chakras, you can keep in mind this following sequence of the chakras.

Stage One

Root Chakra – This chakra is located at the base of the spine below the spinal cord and near the anus.

Stage Two

Sacral Chakra – Location: Below the belly button / lower abdomen; 2-3 inches below the navel.

Stage Three

Solar Plexus Chakra – is located just above the navel.

Stage Four

Heart Chakra – Location at chest level between breasts.

Stage Fifth

Throat Chakra – Location: Hollow of Throat

Stage Sixth

Third Eye Chakra – Location: Between the eyebrows.

Stage Seventh

Crown Chakra – Location: Top of the head at centre.

Stage Eight

Let go of the technique, slowly bring your hands & legs down and relax in Shavasana with complete silence with eyes closed. Just remain in silence and don’t focus on anything in particular. Allow yourself to become aware and watch whatever is happening inside your body. Just relax and be a
witness to experience. Continue this for around 15 minutes.

Chakra – Quality

First Sex/Sensuality

Second Emotions/Feelings

Third Individual truth/Egolessness

Fourth Love/Sacredness

Fifth Creativity/Expression

Sixth Psychic opening/Transcendence
Seventh _ Bliss/Oneness