Alcohol De-Addiction

Stop Drinking Alcohol Hypnosis While you Sleep (Female Voice)

Enjoy this Powerful Stop all Alcohol Hypnosis Session that has been created especially and specifically for you, to permanently support your decision and intention to Stop all Alcohol Consumption and the thinking that you need a drink every night or in any social situation and celebration, by inviting your Higher Self, your Wisdom Self in partnership with you to create new routines and easy solutions to Stop your desires around alcohol and change unproductive behavior and stop drinking, allowing you begin to enjoy and experience the many benefits that come with new healthier routines and habits. Deep Sleep to follow due to integrated theta wave binaural beats.

Hypnosis for Overcoming Alcoholism & Stopping Problem Drinking

Guided self hypnosis session to help you to permanently and naturally overcome alcohol addiction and to stop problem drinking, with added deep healing suggestions for a powerful, healthier and sober life.

STOP Drinking Alcohol Forever – Meditation

With methods that worked for alot peoples , this quick, simple, secular guided meditation focuses to change the way you think about yourself, alcohol and your relationship with it

Guided Meditation for Addiction Recovery (Overcome Addiction & Cravings)

Use the power of mindfulness meditation and mind over matter to overcome your addictions & cravings. Please enjoy this short 10-minute meditation in a relaxing and secluded environment upon awakening. You can also use this as sleep hypnosis to overcome addictions and cravings.

Drug Addiction & Recovery Subliminal Affirmations (GUIDED MEDITATION)- Quit Drugs with Mind Power
ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL Drug Addiction Audio tracks: Affirmations with Subliminal Messages and Binaural Beats. Quit Drugs with Mind Power! *JUST PLAY IT THROUGHOUT THE DAY AND YOU’LL SEE HOW YOUR MIND SHIFTS**