Digital De-Addiction

Overcoming Digital Addiction for Children

Now more than ever the fear of our kids falling prey of digital addiction is getting scarier by the day. What do kids need to know about digital addiction? How can they overcome this monster? Get out of the trap, set yourself free!

Cell phone addiction – Short Movie

Very meaningful short movie on how the system is failing. how we are ruining our lives with abuse of technology.

Dopamine Fasting 2.0 – Overcome Addiction & Restore Motivation

We live in a world that is designed to stimulate our emotions. Every advertisement, food product and social media post is geared to give us a short rush of pleasure which is followed by an emptiness and a craving for more. Big companies are able to leverage our cravings and make trillions of dollars off of keeping us addicted. If you don’t have a plan for yourself, you will be at the mercy of companies who will play on your impulses to control you like a puppet. You will sacrifice your free will, searching for happiness in a maze that’s designed to keep you lost. Studies show that on average, people use their smartphones for about 3 hours per day [1,2]. That’s 1,095 hours every year. Thankfully there is a way to regain control over your impulses and take your power back through a practice called dopamine fasting.

What you need to know about internet addiction | Dr. Kimberly Young |

We are all a bit too connected to our smartphones and web-connected devices. Dr. Young helps identify warning signs of Internet addiction and what we can do to manage technology in our daily lives. She also asks “How young is too young?” for screen time, warning parents about the dangers of technology use in children as young as two. She offers strategies for how we can build “Screen Smart” schools, and introduces her new 3-6-9-12 Parenting Guidelines for managing tech use at home.

Digital De addiction , (Gadget addiction) Be smart while using digital gadgets

This video is about gadget addiction, causes and how to overcome from this addiction . Sometime gadget addiction leads to very serious problem at initial stage we don’t bother about that but when actually we understand its seriousness than we used to wake up..

Why Are You So Addicted To Your Smartphone?

What makes you so addicted to your smartphone? Is it safe to use your devices as much as you do? Can you break the technology addiction?