Discovering the True Emptiness in Meditation

When we engage in meditation, we often experience moments of stillness where the usual stream of thoughts seems to come to a halt. It is during these moments that we may perceive a sense of emptiness, although it is not truly empty. I refer to it as “a sort of emptiness.” Initially, these gaps in our thoughts may arise. However, it’s important to recognize that even the perception of the thought process stopping is, in itself, a subtle thought process.

It is crucial not to become ensnared by this illusion. Instead of immediately verbalizing or conceptualizing the experience, it is best to simply wait and observe. By doing so, we avoid disrupting the delicate stillness that is emerging. Resist the urge to label it as emptiness or anticipate what may happen next. Such mental commentary only serves to reignite the thought process, deceiving us into believing that we have truly entered emptiness.

In the beginning stages of meditation, falling into this trap is natural. When it happens, we must exercise patience and refrain from verbalizing our observations. Embrace silence and allow yourself to fully encounter the experience without imposing any judgments or expectations. There is no need to rush. By avoiding verbalization, we prevent the mind from finding another route to enter and disrupt our progress. Stay vigilant and aware of this trickery of the mind.

As you continue your meditation practice, you will eventually reach a point where you can transcend this initial state of temporary emptiness. Once you have truly touched the essence of emptiness, it becomes an inherent part of you. The real emptiness cannot be lost; it is an enduring quality. Once you have tapped into the depths of your being, you carry the emptiness within you at all times.

Even as you engage in daily activities and live a worldly life, the emptiness remains. It becomes a constant presence within you, like an underlying melody that accompanies your every action. You may go about your tasks and responsibilities, but deep within, you remain connected to that inner stillness. It is a profound treasure that cannot be forgotten or misplaced.

Embracing this true emptiness allows you to find balance in your life. You can navigate the external world while remaining rooted in the tranquility of your inner self. The emptiness becomes a sanctuary that you can retreat to whenever you need solace or clarity. It is a source of strength and wisdom that guides you through life’s challenges.

So, as you embark on your meditation journey, remember to be patient and vigilant. Embrace the moments of stillness without immediately labeling or analyzing them. Allow yourself to fully experience the true emptiness that lies within. With practice, you will cultivate a deep connection to this emptiness, and it will become an unwavering presence in your life, guiding you on your path of self-discovery and inner peace.