Finding the Real Source of Meditation

Have you ever experienced a moment of pure joy or happiness and wondered where it came from? Often, we attribute these positive emotions to external factors such as meeting a friend or witnessing a beautiful sunrise. However, the truth is that the source of joy, happiness, and all other emotions lies within us.

When you encounter a joyful moment, instead of focusing on the external trigger, try redirecting your attention inward. Concentrate on the feeling of joy itself, allowing it to fill your heart and being. Let the external situation, whether it’s meeting a friend or witnessing a sunrise, remain on the periphery. By staying centered in your own feelings of happiness, you can fully embrace and embody the joy within you.

This practice can be applied to various situations in life. Whether it’s anger, sadness, or bliss, the emotions we experience are not caused by external circumstances but rather expressed through them. They are manifestations of what is already present within us.

Next time you find yourself feeling angry, try not to focus solely on the person or situation that triggered it. Instead, become anger itself. Allow yourself to fully feel and experience the emotion without rationalizing or blaming others. Recognize that the anger is within you, and by acknowledging it, you can begin to understand and release it.

Similarly, when encountering positive emotions like joy, embrace them fully. Become one with the joy, allowing it to spread throughout your entire being. By merging into the positive emotion, you deepen your awareness and connection to it.

It’s important to note that awareness works differently with negative and positive emotions. When you become aware of a negative emotion, such as anger, and by your awareness, the emotion dissolves, you are liberated from its grip. On the other hand, if your awareness of a positive emotion, like joy, allows it to expand and become an integral part of your being, it becomes a transformative force.

By practicing this approach to emotions, you can cultivate a different attitude towards life. You become less dependent on external circumstances for your happiness or well-being. Instead, you tap into the infinite reservoir of emotions within you, realizing that you are the true source of joy, happiness, and all other experiences.

Remember, the next time you feel a surge of any emotion, positive or negative, take a moment to center yourself and become fully present with it. Whether it’s joy, anger, sadness, or any other emotion, allow yourself to experience it without judgment or resistance. By doing so, you can uncover the real source of meditation and find a deeper connection to your inner self.