How do I feel about the creative universe

Focus for a moment on a story of _________ (creation story or Big Bang, or another story relating to the creation of anything). Use your imagination to see how the event unfolded. Imagine its first beginnings. Imagine light solidifying and creating the very first cell of this event. (pause 3 sec) Imagine the heat as the original energy is being manifested. Imagine different colours that might have materialised. Imagine you are there and observing the event as it unfolds. Try to imagine as many details as you can. (pause 6 sec) Feel the tension as the power of energy is about to explode into a physical manifestation. How does this feel to witness? Take a moment to absorb the atmosphere of this event. (pause 5 sec) Now imagine the explosion of natural creativity, the movement of energy and atoms as it grew into the perfect self. Take a moment to imagine the process. (pause 3 sec) First it was small. Then, cell by cell, it grew bigger and bigger. It took shape and form. It began as a flash of light, and then its form developed suddenly with life literally bursting out of it. Imagine this. (pause 4 sec) Feel this. (pause 5 sec) Make a mental picture and take this with you (pause 3 sec) Gently focus on your feet again. Remember you are sitting on the log. In your mind stand up and walk back to the forest. Focus on your bare feet on the forest floor, feel the cool bed of leaves touching your toes and your heels. (pause 3 sec) Now slowly bring your awareness to this room. Feel your feet on the ground. Feel your roots deep in the ground. As you keep focus on your feet, bring your awareness to this room now fully. Become aware of the chair under your body. Listen for the sounds around you. Bring your mind back to your feet. Where are they? Can you feel them? Gently wiggle your toes. Feel the full sensation of the floor beneath your feet. Slightly press them on the floor. Wiggle your fingers and rub your palms. Move your shoulders. Take a deep breath. When you are ready slowly open your eyes, first looking down then up and up until you
are looking straight ahead. Do this in your own time. When your eyes are open give yourself
a good stretch if at all possible in silence to give others space to do the same in their own time.