I am a miracle

Focus on yourself for a moment. You are here, sitting on this chair, within this room, within this building, within this street. (pause 2 sec) The street is in this town, in this area, in our country, on the continent, on this beautiful planet Earth. (pause 2 sec) The Earth herself is in our galaxy, the Milky Way. The Milky Way is in the vast universe, where there are millions of galaxies in the ever-expanding universe. (pause 2 sec) Everything expands all the time. The universe is the most creative thing in our reality, and you are part of that universe. Creativity and expansion are the most dominant characteristics of anything in existence. … (pause 2 sec) Now consider this. Imagine just how many people had to meet for you to be born. Huge chains of people had to be in the right place in the right time throughout thousands of years so you could arrive into existence exactly as you are. How miraculous is that? Think about it. Try to imagine this incredible chain of people ending with you right now. (pause 4 sec) Consider for a moment how everyone is a miracle. Consider that every person in existence was born out of millions of coincidences, perfectly lined up over thousands of years for them to become, to be born. Ponder this wondrous thought. (pause 3 sec) How does this make you feel? Pay attention to that. (pause 3 sec) Hold that thought and that feeling. (pause 2 sec) If you are here, you must be a miracle. And if the miracle of you is possible, anything is possible. You are miraculous, therefore you can almost miraculously achieve anything. Compared to what the universe needed to organise to get you here, nothing is impossible for you. You must be able to do anything because you are a product of that miracle. Consider this idea. (pause 4 sec) Now think of one thing you really want to do. (pause 4 sec) Don’t worry about how you will get there, just see it in your mind’s eye already done. (pause 5 sec) Now feel it. Really focus on how it feels to have it, or be it, or experience it. Soak up this feeling in every cell in your body. Stay with that for the moment.
(pause 5 sec) Gently focus on your feet again. Remember you are sitting on the log. In your mind stand up and walk back to the forest. Focus on your bare feet on the forest floor, feel the cool bed of leaves touching your toes and your heels. (pause 3 sec) Now slowly bring your awareness to this room. Feel your feet on the ground. Feel your roots deep in the ground. As you keep focus on your feet. bring your awareness to this room now fully. Become aware of the chair under your body. Listen for the sounds around you. Bring your mind back to your feet. Where are they? Can you feel them? Gently wiggle your toes. Feel the full sensation of the floor beneath your feet. Slightly press them on the floor. Wiggle your fingers and rub your palms. Move your shoulders. Take a deep breath. When you are ready slowly open your eyes. first looking down then up and up until you are looking straight ahead. Do this in your own time. When your eyes are open give yourself a good stretch if at all possible in silence to give others space to do the same in their own time.