I cooperate, I teach and learn from others

While focusing on your feet take one more deep breath. Consider for a moment what it is that you contribute to your group. Think of skills you had to use to work with others in the past. Think about the contribution you invested. (pause 3 sec) Reflect on your day so far, did you have a chance to contribute? Did you get involved? Or were you just present but not getting involved? Either way, think about your overall contribution. (pause 3 sec) Analyse whether you share fully or whether youstop yourself. Is it perhaps your confidence stopping you from participating? Or are you always deeply involved? Are you perhaps contributing the most? Reflect on this for a moment. (pause 4 sec) Everyone has a value in a group setting. Think about yours. What is the special thing you can offer? (pause 4 sec) Just as everyone has something valuable to offer, everyone can develop themselves further. What is your area of development? What could you be better at? Reflect on this now. (pause 4 sec) Is there anyone you can ask for help with something they are very good at and you would like to improve on? Think about this for a moment. (pause 3 sec) Is there anyone in your group who can learn from you? Someone who would benefit from your help? (pause 3 sec) Now reflect on the value of human cooperation. Think of all the things humans have achieved from cooperating with each other. At times, we compete so much that we forget just how good it is to work together. Think of all the benefits humans could have from working together as a species. (pause 4 sec) Who would benefit from
cooperating with whom in the world? (pause 2 sec) Why would this be good? What would be better with the world if this took place? Have a moment to think about this. (pause 4 sec) Imagine how different the world might be if people decided to cooperated instead of compete. How would it feel to live in a world where all humans were a cooperative community? Imagine the world is already like this. Try to believe it and feel your place in this wonderful new world. (pause 6 sec) Keep that feeling for a few moments and ‘take it with you.’ Gently focus on your feet again. Remember you are sitting on the log. In your mind stand up and walk back to the forest. Focus on your bare feet on the forest floor, feel the cool bed of leaves touching your toes and your heels. (pause 3 sec) Now slowly bring your awareness to this room. Feel your feet on the ground. Feel your roots deep in the ground. As you keep focus on your feet, bring your awareness to this room now fully. Become aware of the chair under your body. Listen for the sounds around you. Bring your mind back to your feet. Where are they? Can you feel them? Gently wiggle your toes. Feel the full sensation of the floor beneath your feet. Slightly press them on the floor. Wiggle your fingers and rub your palms. Move your shoulders. Take a deep breath. When you are ready slowly open your eyes, first looking down then up and up until you are looking straight ahead. Do this in your own time. When your eyes are open give yourself a good stretch if at all possible in silence to give others space to do the same in their own time.