#10 Gazing Meditation ( Tratak )

Similarly, by gradually focusing one s attention on anything, whether on space, or a wall, or a great person, one is completely absorbed into the Supreme Reality.Verse 33, Vigyan Bhairava Tantra

The meditation of Verse 33 is similar to the previous one. It is based on the same principle, and is probably easier to practice. Instead of concentrating on the five circles on a peacock’s tail, concentrate on anything. Concentrate on space, a wall, a picture of a great person, or on any other object.

How to do this technique

Method 1 – Concentrating on Space

  • To practice concentrating on space, one has to look at space in front of the eyes, without blinking the eyes.
  • After a while if the eyes tire, close them for a short period. Then open the eyes and continue with the practice.
  • After practicing for a while, you will find that you can keep the eyes open for longer periods of time. The longer you keep the eyes open without blinking, the longer you remain without thoughts, and the closer you come to realizing your true nature.

Method 2 – Concentrating on white while

Similarly, one can practice on a wall . There are two ways of doing this.

  • First, one can sit in front of a plain white wall, which has no marks on it.
  • This is a very powerful practice. Because there are no other objects, the mind dissolves very fast.
  • Our ego needs another object to survive. We get our separate sense of identity by looking at other objects, and seeing ourselves as different from them. But what if there are no other objects to look at? There is only a plain white wall. Then our sense of separateness, our ego, dissolves. We become one with the Whole.

Method 3 – Concentrating on a dot wall

  • The second way to practice this is to look continuously at a dot on a wall.
  • Keep looking at the dot or point without blinking.
  • Gradually, the point starts fading. That is when the mind starts fading.
  • When the point completely dissolves, the mind completely dissolves, and one is absorbed into the Supreme Reality.

Method 4 – Concentrating on a Picture of a great person

This is meditation can even be practiced on the picture of a great person.

  • Use a picture of Krishna, or Christ, or Buddha, or some other great person you respect.
  • Keep looking at the picture continuously without moving or blinking the eyes.
  • One can use any object for practicing this meditation.
  • Choose an object you are familiar with, something you enjoy looking at.
  • It will be easier to maintain your concentration on such an object by gradually focusing ones attention on anything.
  • When you stop the eyes from moving, even blinking, you stop the flow of thoughts.