#11 ‘Peacefulness Within Head’ Meditation

#11 ‘Peacefulness Within Head’ Meditation

‘Peacefulness Within Head’ Meditation

Seated with eyes closed, fix one’s attention inside the skull. From firmness in concentration, one will gradually perceive the Supreme Reality.Verse 34, Vigyan Bhairava Tantra

All meditation practices lead us to the unity in all life forms. Our sense organs do not give us the complete picture. They show us a world of diversity and movement, without showing the underlying unity or stillness behind the external world. When we open our eyes, we see different forms and objects, and the movement of certain objects. When we close our eyes and fix our attention inside the skull , we see only darkness. There are no forms or objects visible in the darkness. There is only darkness. Similarly, when we close our eyes, there is no movement whatsoever. There is only stillness. This is a simple meditation practice that takes us to a place beyond our sense organs. A place of unity and stillness, and a place where we meet God

How to do this technique

  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
  • Focus your attention inside the skull, to the area behind the forehead.
  • Concentrate on the darkness there. After a while, you may see some images. Observe them and let them pass.
  • If thoughts arise, ignore them and continue with the practice.
  • From firmness in concentration, one will gradually perceive the Supreme Reality.

Benefits of this Technique

  • As we continue with this practice, gradually our thoughts become less and less. Eventually, they are eliminated altogether. It is when our concentration becomes unwavering that we start perceiving God. We are able to focus on the area behind the forehead with fewer thoughts arising. That is when we gradually start perceiving God. When thoughts stop completely, then we reach God.
  • When you practice this meditation, you realize how wonderful it is to be in a state without thoughts.
  • Initially, you may be in this state only for short periods of time. Just closing the eyes, focusing on the darkness behind the forehead, and being still, makes one feel at peace.
  • When you close the senses and shut out the noises of the external world, you are quickly led to the peace within. More than external noise, it is the internal chatter of the mind that disturbs us.
  • By focusing the mind on darkness and stillness, we make the mind still. As the mind becomes still, we first feel a deep sense of peace. This peace turns into an incredible feeling of joy. Even if this peace or joy is experienced for brief moments of time, it becomes an experience that one longs for. It is an experience that nothing in the outside world can match. We then come to realize something very important the greatest joy we can experience, we experience within ourselves.