#14 Absorbing Inner Light Meditation

# 14 Absorbing Inner Light Meditation

Press the eyes gently. A subtle light resembling a dot will appear at the top of the head, or in the heart. Absorb oneself there. From this meditation, one is absorbed into the Highest Reality.Verse 37, Vigyan Bhairava Tantra

How to do this Technique

  • Sit comfortably, and close the eyes.
  • Now, press the eyes gently.
  • A subtle light like a dot will appear in either of two places inside the body – either at the top of the head, or in the region of the heart.
  • Concentrate deeply on this light. Become one with this light. Gradually all thoughts will disappear.
  • Then, one will be absorbed into God. A flame of light or a dot of light is used frequently in yoga for meditation. It is a very powerful method for focussing the mind. The mind is easily attracted to light. It is possible to concentrate for long periods on light.
  • There is a yogic practice called Trataka, where one has to look at the flame of a candle without blinking. In this technique, one looks at an internal source. of light. The dot of light appears either at the top of the head or in the heart. This happens because when we press the eyes, the optic nerve gets stimulated. A spark of light then appears. Because jt appears inside the body, it is surrounded by darkness. There is just a dot of light, and darkness all around it. It then becomes easier to concentrate on it. There is only this dot of light. There is nothing else that one can see.
  • When you focus the mind completely on this light, the mind becomes silent. After that, one reaches God.