#19 Aum Chanting Meditation

#19 Aum Chanting

Chant AUM audibly. Gradually the sound diminishes. By concentrating on the point where the sound ends into the void, one becomes Shiva.Verse 42, Vigyan Bhairava Tantra

How to do this technique

  • The meditation given in this verse focuses on increasing degrees of subtlety. In that sense, it is similar to the meditation of the previous verse.
  • The sound AUM should be chanted audibly and slowly. The sound gradually diminishes. It should be changed so that the M component in AUM continues for some time Mmmmm.
  • After the sound ends the vibration continues for some time.
  • Finally, the vibration ends in silence.
  • Focus on the point where the vibration of the sound ends in silence – the junction point between sound and silence. It is a subtle point and needs increased awareness to notice it.
  • Once you are aware of this point, your awareness increases greatly. Because one is chanting the sound, it is easier to maintain awareness.
  • If one was listening to someone else chanting, the mind could start wandering, and awareness would be lost. As one is saying the sound themselves, the mind becomes more attentive.
  • Continue with this meditation by repeating this process – chant AUM audibly, and slowly end the sound. Focus on the point where the sound vibrations end in silence. The mind will become still, and one will become Shiva.