2 Concentrate on the Two Places Where the Breath Turns

Goddess, in this way, through the Goddess, the essential form of God is realized. This verse from the Vigyan Bhairava Tantra emphasizes the importance of focusing on the two places where the breath turns from inside to outside and from outside to inside. This meditation technique is a variation of Concentrating on the Gap between Breaths, directing attention to the turning points of the breath.

How to Do the Technique

As you breathe in, notice how the breath gradually fades away. Then, there is a small gap or pause before you breathe out. The turning of the breath refers to the area where the inbreath ends, followed by a gap, and then the outbreath begins. In this verse, the focus expands to include not only the gap between two breaths but also the moments just before the inbreath starts and the outbreath ends.

Benefits of This Technique

For centuries, people have marveled at the power of breath as a meditation technique. When other methods fail to quiet the mind, breath techniques often succeed. The mind is naturally drawn to rhythms, making it easier to focus on the breath’s natural rhythm. These meditations bring the mind into the present moment, where it cannot exist. By focusing on the present, the mind gradually dissolves.

One of the reasons breath meditation is so effective is that it allows us to let go of the past and future. The mind tends to wander in time, either dwelling on past memories or projecting into the future. However, in the present moment, there is no need for the mind. We become fully aware and connected to the here and now.

By consistently redirecting the mind’s attention to the turning points of the breath, thoughts will naturally arise. When this happens, it’s important not to get upset or dwell on these thoughts. Instead, gently bring the mind back to the meditation practice. Over time, the frequency of thoughts will diminish, eventually leading to their elimination altogether. Through this process, the essential form of God, represented by the Goddess, is realized.


During the practice of these meditations, it is normal for thoughts to arise. When they do, it may cause us to momentarily miss the turning of the breath. However, there is no need to become upset or frustrated. Simply bring the mind back to the meditation and refocus on the breath. With patience and consistency, the distractions of the mind will gradually fade away, and the profound realization of the essential form of God will be attained through the Goddess, who is represented by the breath or Energy.

Through breath awareness, we are able to connect with the divine and reach a state of deep inner peace and realization. Embrace the power of the breath and let it guide you on your spiritual journey.