#24 Space Inside Body Meditation

#24 Space Inside Body Meditation

0 Deer eyed one, consider all the constituents of one’s body to be pervaded by empty space. Then, one will permanently become settled in that conception.Verse 47, Vigyan Bhairava Tantra

Our thoughts create our reality.

What we are today is the result of our past thoughts. What we will be tomorrow, will be the result of our present thoughts. This is an important truth that is emphasized in the Upanishads, the Ashtavakra Gita, and the Buddhist Dhammapada. Some of the techniques in this text use the mind to change our. thoughts and beliefs. The new thought or new belief helps us to revert to our true nature. The new belief is actually a very important spiritual truth. When practiced continuously, the new belief removes the layers of conditioning, and uncovers our True Self. These new beliefs actually go against what we are seeing. Yet they describe Reality the way it actually is. A motto used by most people is seeing is believing. Spiritualism reverses this motto. Our seeing is the result of our believing, or rather a result of our beliefs. Yoga teaches that to see True Reality, change your beliefs. Once you change your beliefs, you see more. You see the truth.

For centuries, people thought the world was flat. Sailors were scared to sail too far because they might fall off “the edge.” When our knowledge increased, we realized what we were seeing was not true. The earth was round. Spiritualism is like that. When our awareness increases, we see more. When our beliefs change, we see more. We now see the truth. Verses 43 to 48 are subtly trying to change our beliefs. We believe that we are our bodies. This belief is being changed to two other beliefs: we are aware, and we are all-pervasive, like space. We are not limited to a particular place. There are some beautiful verses later in the text that introduces us to new beliefs. New beliefs that if practiced, open the door to Eternity. This verse can also be practiced as sitting meditation.

How to do this technique

  1. Close your eyes and imagine all the internal elements of one’s body to be filled with space.
  2. Whether it is the heart, liver, brain, muscles, tissue, or any other organ; consider all these to be pervaded by space.
  3. Inside a heart, there is only space, inside the muscle, there is only space, inside the brain only space, and so on Then, one will permanently become settled in that conception.
  4. Then we permanently become like space. We become all-pervasive. In other words, we become God.