#27 End of Inhaled Breath Meditation: Discovering Inner Stillness

In the pursuit of inner peace and self-realization, the End of Inhaled Breath Meditation offers a profound path to tap into the core of our being. As outlined in Verse 50, this practice beckons us to immerse the mind in the center where the inhaled breath culminates, leading to a profound alignment with our true nature.

How to Practice End of Inhaled Breath Meditation:

  1. Identify the Focal Point: Unlike traditional breath-focused meditations, this technique directs attention to the subtle point within the body where the inhaled breath naturally concludes. With eyes gently closed, one is encouraged to explore and locate this unique point.
  2. Maintain Singular Focus: Once the endpoint of the inhaled breath is discerned, the key is to anchor awareness solely on this focal point. Resist the urge to follow the breath itself; instead, nurture a steadfast concentration on the inner center.
  3. Embrace Variability: The experience of this endpoint may vary among practitioners. Some may sense it in the heart, while others may feel it in the throat or elsewhere in the body. The essence lies in discovering and consistently dwelling in one’s unique point of breath culmination.
  4. Cultivate Steadiness: Through dedicated practice, concentration deepens, and the mind gradually attains a state of tranquility. As thoughts diminish and awareness expands, inner stillness becomes palpable, paving the way for the realization of our true nature.

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By embracing the End of Inhaled Breath Meditation with focused intent and unwavering dedication, practitioners can embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, culminating in the realization of their inherent truth and the boundless serenity that resides within.