#35 Empty World Meditation: Embracing the Power of Void in Spiritual Practice

Emptiness, or “shunya,” holds profound significance in spiritual traditions, particularly in the realms of Hinduism and Buddhism. In the Hindu text, the concept of emptiness is explored in verse 58, offering practitioners a transformative meditation technique known as the Empty World Meditation. This practice invites individuals to perceive the universe as void, devoid of a separate self but imbued with the essence of divinity.

Understanding Emptiness

Emptiness, in its essence, signifies the absence of a distinct existence apart from the divine. It’s the realization that everything, including oneself, lacks an independent identity but is interconnected and filled with the presence of God. This understanding forms the cornerstone of non-dualistic philosophies such as yoga and tantra, emphasizing the oneness of all existence.

The Practice of Empty World Meditation

Empty World Meditation serves as a gateway to experiencing the profound truth of emptiness. Whether practiced as a seated meditation or integrated into daily contemplation, it fosters a shift in perception towards the illusory nature of reality. Through this practice, one acknowledges the universe as devoid of inherent substance, existing merely as a manifestation of the divine.

The Transformative Impact

Embracing the belief in the emptiness of the world yields transformative effects on one’s psyche and outlook. By internalizing the notion of cosmic voidness, individuals liberate themselves from the shackles of attachment and desire. The burdens of worry and stress dissipate, as the insignificance of worldly matters becomes apparent in the light of spiritual truth.

Changing Perception, Changing Reality

Shifting one’s perception towards emptiness facilitates a deeper understanding of existence. Just as viewing the Earth from space unveils its spherical nature, altering our perspective unveils profound truths. Through this shift, the mind finds stillness, liberated from the ceaseless chatter of worldly concerns.

Embracing the Void, Embracing God

Ultimately, the journey into emptiness leads to the embrace of divinity. As the mind dissolves into the void, one becomes absorbed into the essence of God, transcending individual identity to merge with the infinite.


The Empty World Meditation offers seekers a path to transcendence, guiding them towards the realization of ultimate truth. Embracing emptiness unlocks the door to spiritual liberation, paving the way for a profound transformation of consciousness. In the void lies the essence of divinity, beckoning souls towards union with the eternal.