#36 No Boundary Meditation: Discovering Liberation through Space

Introduction: Experience the profound liberation of the mind with the transformative #36 No Boundary Meditation technique. In this practice, we delve into the essence of space within a vessel, transcending the limitations of perception to realize our inherent unity with the cosmos.

Technique Explanation: The #36 No Boundary Meditation invites practitioners to focus on the space within a bowl or any vessel, gradually shifting their perception away from its physical partitions. Initially, both the vessel and space may be perceived, but as concentration deepens, the vessel fades from view, leaving only boundless space.

Understanding Liberation: As the mind dissolves into space, one transcends the confines of individual identity, embodying the expansiveness of the cosmos. Liberation is not merely freedom from the constraints of the body but a realization of our interconnectedness with all existence. Like space, liberated beings permeate every corner of creation, experiencing unity where division once seemed apparent.

Realization of Oneness: In the realm of Reality, division is an illusion perpetuated by the senses. Through the practice of #36 No Boundary Meditation, we pierce through this illusion, witnessing the unity underlying all phenomena. As the mind relinquishes its hold on perception, the boundaries between self and other dissolve, revealing the intrinsic oneness of existence.

Practical Considerations: For optimal results, engage in this meditation without the hindrance of spectacles or contact lenses. Blinking should be minimized, and if eye fatigue occurs, briefly close them before resuming the practice. By immersing ourselves fully in the exploration of space, we open the doorway to profound self-discovery and liberation.

Conclusion: Embark on the journey of self-discovery and liberation through the #36 No Boundary Meditation. By shifting our perception from the confines of the physical vessel to the boundless expanse of space, we awaken to the truth of our interconnectedness with all that is. Experience the dissolution of boundaries and the realization of oneness as you delve into the depths of your own consciousness with this powerful meditation practice.