#44 Raising The Kundalini Meditation: Attaining Emotional Control and Inner Peace


In the journey of self-realization, the ancient practice of raising the Kundalini energy holds profound significance. This practice, described in verse 67, involves closing off the senses to redirect consciousness inward, allowing the Kundalini energy to ascend through the spine. In this article, we delve into the technique, its interpretations, and its implications for emotional sensitivity and suffering.

Technique Overview

Interpreting the verse, one can approach this meditation either as a seated practice or in a broader sense of sensory control, known as Pratyahara. By closing the senses with the fingers, practitioners prevent external stimuli from disturbing their inner focus. This redirection of consciousness enables the rise of Kundalini energy, leading to a sensation akin to a tingling ant crawling, followed by profound joy and liberation upon its ascent to the crown of the head.

Emotional Sensitivity and Suffering

Modern interpretations align emotional sensitivity with suffering, emphasizing the need for emotional control to achieve detachment from the external world. Individuals who master their emotions attain a constant state of happiness regardless of external circumstances. Notably, emotional control is pivotal for individuals irrespective of their societal status, as attachment to sensory pleasures can lead to turmoil even amidst apparent success.

Controlling the Emotions

To cultivate emotional detachment, it’s crucial to recognize that true joy resides within, independent of external factors. Detachment from external stimuli allows one to access inner peace and wisdom, even in times of crisis. Trust in the interconnectedness of the universe or a higher reality fosters resilience and alleviates fear during life’s challenges.

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The journey of raising the Kundalini energy involves more than a physical practice—it’s a transformative journey towards emotional mastery and inner peace. By understanding the interplay between sensory control, emotional sensitivity, and spiritual liberation, practitioners can navigate life’s challenges with resilience and trust in the inherent wisdom of the universe.

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