#6 Raising The Kundalini Energy Meditation 2

#6 Raising The Kundalini Energy Meditation 2

Meditate on the energy in the form of lightning, ascending from energy center to energy
center till the highest center. In the end, experience Great Love rising.Verse 29, Vigyan Bhairava Tantra

How To Do This Technique

The meditation given here is a variation of the previous one. In this technique, we attempt to raise this energy (Kundalini), through a process of visualization. The central channel (Sushumna) should be visualized as a white or translucent tube. The chakras each have their colors and form. In some traditions, they are symbolized as diferent petalled lotuses, and in the Kashmir tradition, they are shown as wheels. For the purpose of the next two meditations, it is sufficient to visualize each chakra as a round ball of light.

  • Sit comfortably with your eyes closed, and focus your attention on the root chakra (Mooladhara), situated at the base of the central channel.
  • Imagine a ray of light continuously rising up your spine, see it rising in flashes, like lightening.
  • It jumps from center to center successively upwards till Sahasrara, the highest center. Unlike the previous echnique, this light does not get subtler and subtler as it rises. When the light reaches the highest center, start again from the root center. Your awareness must continuously follow this light.
  • Imagine another ray of light rising upwards, piercing each center successively. Continue this for upto 30 minutes.

In the end, experience Great Love rising. When Kundalini finally begins her ascent, there is a great feeling of love and joy. As she rises, the feeling of love keeps increasing. When she reaches the top center, one is liberated. Then one experiences an ocean of love. One becomes love, one is love- pure, unconditional love. Releasing energy from matter is always very powerful. This is basically the theory behind the atom bomb. Releasing energy from the human body liberates us. There are several meditations in yoga similar to the last two. Much of Kriya yoga is based on visualization of the chakras, and on moving one’s awareness up and down the various channels in the body.


  • These meditations that directly try to raise Kundalini are very powerful. Sometimes, they can even be dangerous.
  • The guidance of a master is always advised. These last two meditations are relatively safer than some of the other similar meditations found in yoga. But if you ever feel any discomfort while practicing these last two meditations, then stop the practice immediately. Seek the help of a master, or instead practice any of the other 1 1 0 meditations given.