#62 Headless Meditation

#62 Headless Meditation

One should meditate that the entire space or sky, is absorbed in one’s head. By absorbing the qualities of God, one will acquire the brilliant form of God.Verse 85, Vigyan Bhairava tantra

Space & Meditation

Space has several qualities, similar to God. Just like God, space is eternal, supportless, pervasive, and silent. Space is supportless. Unlike physical objects which need support, space requires no support. Space also exists everywhere. There is no place in this world where you cannot find space. Space is also silent. It is often said that you find God in the silence. In this meditation, one has to imagine that the entire space in this world is absorbed in one’s head.

How to do this technique

This is a meditation to be practiced seated, with eyes closed. By absorbing space, you are absorbing the qualities of space. These are the same as the qualities of God, and also the same as your true nature. By absorbing these qualities, one becomes these qualities. That is, one becomes eternal, supportless, and all-pervasive. This is a meditation that changes our beliefs about ourselves. We believe we are the body or the mind, and that is why we do not see our real nature. Now we are asked to consider something else. That we are eternal, supportless, and all-pervasive.

  • To practice this meditation, imagine all space being absorbed in your head.
  • Continue to imagine space being absorbed in your head, till your head is nothing but space.
  • Ultimately, you may get the feeling of headlessness. That you have no head, but only space.
  • When this happens, you will be aware. Mystics have frequently described this feeling of headlessness.
  • It is a state when the mind has fallen silent. Although one is still in the body, one no longer feels that one is the body.
  • Instead, they feel a sense of unity with all of existence.