#63 AUM Chanting Meditation

#63 AUM Chanting

In the waking state there is some knowledge born of duality. In the dream state there are impressions of the exterior. In deep sleep there is complete darkness. Know all these states of consciousness to be the form of God. Then, one will be filled with the infinite light of God.86.vigyan bhairava tantra

States of Consciousness

This is one of the few obscure verses in the text. The meditation is given indirectly. It is the same meditation that is given in the Mandukya Upanishad. There are four states of consciousness. First, there is the normal waking state. Then there is the dream state. This is a state when we are sleeping, and also dreaming. The third state is the state of deep sleep when there are no dreams. In this state, there is no duality. There is only darkness or void. This state is very close to the state of enlightenment. The difference is that in the dreamless sleep state, there is no awareness. The fourth state is the state of turiya or superconsciousness. This fourth state is the state of enlightenment.

AUM & States of Consciousness

AUM is a very important syllable or sound. The Mandukya Upanishad teaches us that the A is supposed to stand for the waking state. The U stands for the dream state. The M stands for the deep sleep state. When A, U, and M are sounded together as in AUM, then that sound represents the fourth state of consciousness. It is the highest state. It is the state of non-dualism and love. It is the state of God. The sound AUM has always been considered important. It is supposed to represent God and lead to God.

The Katha Upanishad also says that this syllable AUM is indeed God. That those who know this sound get all that they desire. Know all these states of consciousness to be the form of God. A, U, and M, which represent the different states of consciousness, should be sounded together as in AUM. That is the meaning of this sentence. Use AUM for meditation. That is what this verse is teaching. AUM will lead us to God. How does one use AUM in a meditation practice? The most common way is to chant AUM.

How to do this technique

  • Sit in a comfortable meditation posture and chant AUM.
  • Eyes may be kept open or closed. AUM can be chanted aloud, or repeated in the mind.
  • Continuously chant AUM for as long as you are comfortable. When you complete this practice (or even while doing this practice), you will notice a definite change in yourself.
  • You will become calmer, more peaceful. You will feel refreshed. Your mind will quieten down.
  • There are certain words, certain sounds, and mantras that have the power to transform us. Some of these sounds were discovered by the ancient sages when they were deep in meditation. One does not know exactly how they work. Many of the mantras do not have any meaning. But these sacred sounds have the power to change us. Of all the sacred sounds and mantras, there is none higher than AUM. Chanting AUM is a very effective way to still the mind.