#64 Dark Night Meditation

#64 Dark Night Meditation

Similarly, on a completely dark night during the dark half of the lunar month, concentrate for a long time on the darkness. One will then be propelled towards the form of God.Verse 87, Vigyan Bhairava Tantra

How to do this technique

In complete darkness, forms are not visible. To see objects, light is needed. With the help of light, one can see the form, shape and boundary of an object. In darkness, nothing is visible. There is just darkness. The meditation given here is similar to Verse 84, where one had to continuously look at a clear sky. Here, on a completely dark night, we look at the darkness. It is like looking at a black wall.

To transcend the world of form and duality that we are used to, we continuously look at a place that has no forms or objects. Our sense of self, our sense of separate identity, is dependent on other objects being present. When other objects are present, we see ourselves as different from those objects. Yet, what we are seeing is an illusion. It is an illusion of separateness. We see ourselves as being separate from other people. How do we break this illusion and see true reality? One of the ways is by looking at a place where no other forms or objects are visible. When we see nothing apart from us, we no longer remain apart. We become a part of God. This is a looking technique, so it needs to be done without blinking or moving the eyes. One has to practice this on a completely dark night, where there is no light from the moon.

When you practice this, you may experience visions or images appearing. These images are just the release of one’s suppressed feelings or fears. One should not be disturbed by these images. Instead, one should continue with the practice. One will then be propelled towards the form of God. When one cannot see any other object, one’s ego collapses. In order to exist, one’s ego needs other objects. Just as the mind needs thoughts to survive, the ego needs other objects. Without the support of other objects, the ego collapses. Then, one rapidly moves towards God. One moves towards one’s original state.