#69 Infinity Meditation

#69 Infinity Meditation

Meditate on one’s own self in the form of space (or the sky), unlimited in all directions. Then, one will see one’s own form as the unsupported energy of consciousness.Verse 92, Vigyan Bhairava Tantra

Infinity- Our True Nature

Our true nature is infinite. As we are a part of God, our true nature is that of God. God is not confined to a particular place. God exists everywhere, unlimited in all directions. God is infinite and so are we. We believe that we are the body. That we are confined to a particular place, called our body. But that is not the truth. That is an illusion. The body is a part of our ego, our sense of separate identity. To reach God, we have to destroy our ego.

This verse shows us how to do that. As long as we believe we are the body, our sense of self is limited to something very small. The verse asks us to believe that we are endless, like the sky, unlimited in all directions. In effect, we are changing our beliefs about ourselves. And that can be very powerful. When we change our beliefs, we change our reality. Our beliefs create our reality. Some people believe that the world is a wicked, dangerous place. These people will find themselves experiencing just that. Events that occur in their lives will prove their belief – that the world is a dangerous place. Other people believe that making money is very difficult. These people will struggle all their lives to make money, thereby proving their belief about money. Our beliefs create our reality. Therefore, we should be very careful about what we believe. To change our life for the better, we have to change our beliefs. New beliefs have a direct, immediate impact on our lives. This verse is giving us a new belief that can liberate us. Believe that you are endless space, infinite, unlimited in all directions.

This meditation can also be practiced as a sitting meditation, with eyes closed. Imagine that you are not the body, but something infinite, like space, existing everywhere. When we believe we are infinite, we stop believing we are the body. And that has a profound and immediate impact on our lives. We stop worrying and thinking too much because most of our worrying and thinking is about the body. What the body needs. What pleasures the body desires? When we realize we are not the body, we no longer care whether our desires are fulfilled or not. If we do not acquire enough money to give the body the pleasures it desires, it does not matter. Even if the body is facing death, it does not matter. We are not the body, and we will survive, even when the body is destroyed. When we believe we are not the body, we immediately become calm. We become detached from the external world. External events only affect the body. They do not affect our Real Selves. They can have no impact on us. When we can detach ourselves from the external world, our mind becomes still. It is no longer troubled by the external world. When the mind falls silent, we become free. If we are not the body, then what are we? The answer is given in the second part of the verse. We are consciousness. When you understand you are not the body, you realize you are aware, the One who is aware, of all the events unfolding in your life. Consciousness, our Real Self, is eternal. It is unaffected by all the events of our life, and can never be destroyed. When you practice this verse, you reach a stage when you suddenly detach from your body. Your body is still there, it does not decay or die, but you no longer identify with it. You, at last, realize the truth about your body – that it is nothing substantial, it is empty, void. You instead experience this infinite expanse of space, this ocean of awareness, that includes everything. You feel one with this space, and you realize that everything in this universe is one with this space. You experience the greatest truth in the world, that there is only One Being. Your sense of self is no longer the body. It has now grown to something infinite. And as the Brjhad-Aranyaka Upanishad wonderfully puts it – you are alone, beholding your immensity.