#72 Non-Dual Meditation

#72 Non-Dual Meditation

Remain firm in one’s understanding that a small part of anything, with a name, is a tempting illusion. Thus, the primary quality of one’s true nature is unity. From this understanding one will not remain separate any longer.Verse 95, Vigyan Bhairava Tantra

What is the Illusion

Anything that has a form or a name is an illusion. What is the illusion? The illusion is that the form has a separate self. When we see an object, whether it is inanimate or living, we imagine it to have a separate identity. That is why we even give it a name. The name signifies its separate existence, its separate identity. In truth, all objects are empty. They are empty of a separate self. They have no separate self, but are full of God. If we believe that we have a separate existence, fear comes into our lives. We then believe that we have a beginning and an end. That at some stage we will die, and become nothing. Something can never become nothing. Nor can something come from nothing. The truth is that we never die, we only change form. We always see evidence of this in nature. A cloud turns into rain. Rain water enters fruits and vegetables, and later becomes a part of the human body. Or it becomes a part of the river, and flows into the sea. There are a number of things that rain water can become.

Everything is part of the Whole

“For only where there seems to be a duality, there one sees another, one touches another and one knows another. But in the ocean of Spirit, the seer is alone beholding his own immensity.”THE BRIHAD-ARANYAKA UPANISHAD

This verse is telling us that no object or form of any kind has an independent self. Everything is part of the Whole, everything is a part of God. Our primary quality is unity. We are one with God and everything else in this universe. When you know this, fear leaves your life. You realize that you can never be destroyed. Ultimately, nothing can harm you. The way to practice this meditation is to change what you believe. Believe that what you are seeing is an illusion. That you or any other object has no separate self. Everything is God. The verse says that one has to remain firm in one’s understanding. This means that one should continuously believe that one has no separate self. Our sense of separate self is our ego. When we believe that we have no separate self, our ego starts dissolving. It is only a matter of time before our belief turns into reality. When we believe that we have no separate self, we no longer remain separate. We become one with God . This verse, like the previous one, attempts to dissolve our ego. When we believe that we have a separate self, our true nature remains hidden. When our outer covering, our ego, is peeled away, then our true nature appears. What does it feel like, when our ego is dissolved?