#81 I am Everywhere

#81 I am Everywhere

Leave behind concern for one’s body. With a firm mind and vision for nothing else, believe – ”I am everywhere.” Then, one will attain joy.Verse 104, Vigyan Bhairava Tantra

Breaking our attachment to the body

We believe we are the body, and that is why we feel bound. It is our belief that we are our body that prevents us from seeing our True Nature. This is one of many verses in the book that tries to break our attachment to the body. It gives us a new belief to believe in and practice. Believe that we are everywhere. This is the truth about our nature. We are a part of God, and God is everywhere. Therefore, we are also everywhere.

This verse gives us a new thought, a new idea to believe in. The new belief is an accurate description of our Real Nature. It unlocks the door to eternity. When practiced, this belief slowly turns into reality. When it does, we are liberated. Leave behind concern for ones body. By all means take care of your body and try to prevent illnesses. But see the body as a tool. Do not regard it as your Real Self. This is what the verse is saying. With a firm mind and vision for nothing else, believe – ” I am everywhere.” Incorporating a new belief is different from practicing a sitting meditation. A sitting meditation is practiced for a certain period of time each day. A new belief is an idea you hold throughout the day. It is not that you think of this belief, “I am everywhere”, once a day, and then start thinking about something else. No, it is a belief you must continuously hold throughout the day. Then, the belief will turn very fast into reality. The verse says only think about this belief, and do not think about, or have a vision about anything else. An example from the ancient Indian epic, the Mahabharata, will make this clear.

The single-pointed focus

King Drupada arranged a ceremony, to find a suitable husband for his daughter Draupadi. Many great warriors and princes were invited. Whoever would be able to pierce the eye of a fish with an arrow, by watching its reflection in water, would win Draupadi’s hand in marriage. One was not allowed to watch the fish directly, but only its reflection in water. The fish was circulating above, and the water was placed below on the floor. A person had to look down, and shoot the arrow upwards. Many great warriors tried and failed. Arjuna was the only one who succeeded. When he was asked how he succeeded, he answered, “I could only see the fish’s eye, and nothing else.” This is the single-pointed focus one should have while practicing this verse . Believe that you are everywhere. Do not think about or believe anything else. In a very short time, this belief will turn into reality, and you will be free. There are many beliefs given in this text that can liberate us. They can all be practiced with the single-pointed focus given in this verse. Then, results will be obtained very fast. This single-minded focus can also be used to attain other goals in life. You may have certain other aspirations in life. Then think only of that goal, and nothing else. You will obtain your objective very fast.