Wind Chime & Rain

Water element.

The beautiful tonal scale of this Aqua chimes gives me a thrilling, immersive, unconditional experience of pure gratitude and thankfulness. Dive into this relaxing ocean of delicate sounds and find the waves that will let you flow deep into oneness… Lay back with headphones, relax and close your eyes. Thank You all for Your awareness…Namaste ♥

Wind Chimes in the Rain – 11 HOURS of Sleep Aid Relaxation

Best enjoyed with using sleepphones during nights in low volume as background sound or played as underlay with your favourite music.

Chimes, Rain, Thunder & Wind Ambiance 12 Hours for Meditation,Sleep,Relaxing,Insomnia, Nature Sounds

Soothing ambiance Chimes, Rain, Thunder & WInd. This relaxing nature sound video creates a peaceful atmosphere for sleep & insomnia, relaxation and a lot of other applications. This video contains chimes, rain, thunder, thunderstorm and wind sounds. If you have insomnia or a sleep disorder, then this video can be helpful. Nature sounds are known to reduce stress and anxiety. If you have problems with sleeping this nature video can help you to relax, you can fall into a deep relaxing sleep. This peaceful ambiance a natural noise, includes white noise winds to help calm your mind. Perfect also as background for massage rooms and offices to stay focussed and concentrated as well as doing homework.