Gibberish Meditation

Gibberish Meditation

7 Days/ 21 Days/ 30 Days

Gibberish is one of the most scientific ways to clean user’s mind. This is a cathartic technique which encourages expressive sounds and body movements, followed by a deep merging or a silent relaxation.

Gibberish Meditation - Course

The mind always thinks in terms of words. Gibberish helps to break this pattern of continual verbalization

Additionally, Gibberish meditation is the technique that involves speaking random meaningless words and sentences to let your emotions out. Furthermore, imagine a child who is yet not able to speak. Typically, a child utters meaningless words throughout the day.

Furthermore, Jabbar and other Sufi saints adopted this same technique. Furthermore, they realized that the happiest of all the sentient beings on this planet were children. What sets them apart from the rest of us is language, perception, and identifying with possessions.

In Gibberish meditation you are speaking the language of a child that makes no sense. The idea of gibberish is, indeed, to break old patterns in our brains. Since we start speaking we associate ourselves with words as a medium to express ourselves.

When we speak a language that has no meaning, we shatter the old patterns, and the expression becomes natural. The expressions, however, are no longer related to a specific person or experience.

Course Fees:

According to the tradition of meditation, there are no fees or charges for attending the courses, not even for accommodation and food & beverages. All expenses of the course & of running the center are met by the voluntary donations from those who have completed at least one week course with us, experienced the benefits of Meditation, and wish to share with others the same opportunity. One can choose to donate according to his free will. We never ask for it. The donations are accepted only after completing the course. It is like one person has donated for your course and after completing your course, you donate for the next person as you feel appropriate, the next person attends the course and he donates for the next person, this way the cycle goes on. Some participant donates, some are not in the capacity to donate, some wants to skip it, somehow it works very well. The donations are recommended, not compulsory. The entire team works as volunteers of Karma Yoga. The team includes teachers, servers, and trustees. None of the team members receives any remuneration for their service.