Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana Meditation: A Creative Purification Process

Welcome to the world of Vipassana Meditation, an ongoing journey of self-discovery and inner purification. This ancient technique offers a unique opportunity to observe the moment-to-moment experience and cleanse the layers of the mind, one after another. It is a transformative practice that brings clarity, peace, and insight into our lives.

Just go inwards and it is not thousands of miles away. It is only thousands of thoughts away.

7 or 10 Days Courses: Step-by-Step Learning

If you are new to Vipassana Meditation, we recommend starting with a 7 or 10 days course. These introductory courses are designed to teach the technique step-by-step, allowing you to gradually deepen your practice and understand its principles.

The courses typically begin on the evening of the first day and conclude on the early morning of the last day. Each day of the course is dedicated to learning and practicing the meditation technique, providing ample time for self-reflection and inner exploration.

The course schedule starts with an early morning session at 4 am on the first day, followed by 7 or 10 full days of meditation. The course concludes on the night of the 7th or 10th day by 9:00 pm. It is important to note that students are required to report a day before the course starts for registration and orientation, with reporting time set at 5 pm.

No Fees or Charges: A Tradition of Generosity

At Vipassana Meditation centers, we uphold the tradition of generosity. This means that there are no fees or charges for attending the courses, including accommodation and food. The teachings of Vipassana Meditation have been passed down for centuries, and it is our belief that they should be accessible to all, regardless of financial means.

However, as a non-profit organization, we rely solely on the donations of past students to sustain our operations and offer these courses free of charge. If you have benefited from the practice of Vipassana Meditation and would like to contribute, you are welcome to make a donation. Your generosity will help us continue to offer this transformative experience to others.

Whether you are new to meditation or have been practicing for years, Vipassana Meditation offers a profound opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery. We invite you to embark on this journey of inner exploration and experience the transformative power of Vipassana Meditation.