Work as Mindfulness

Our daily lives provide constant opportunities for personal transformation; for learning to be more present, more alive and more aware. And it is easier than you think! One just need a little knack to be mindful.

In the Work as Mindfulness module we undertake a series of experiments, exercises and short meditations to explore how mindfulness can transform both the quality of our experience and the outcome of our activities.

A 7 Day Session for Workaholics Teaching Technique of Meditation.
These include:

  • Mindfulness – become total in whatever we do.
  • Dealing with distractions
  • The magic of the neutral gear
  • Moving from “what” to “how”
  • Workaholism vs Mindfulness Work Play
  • Doing what you love vs loving what you do
  • Doing and non-doing – wu wei
  • Returning to the moment

Focus your whole energy into how. How much totality, how much love, how much playfulness, how much creativity, you are putting into your work. Once you start putting your energy into how instead of what, suddenly you are integrated and the best starts flowing from you.

Course Fees:

•Prerequisite: Residential, Interview.