Yoga Asanas

Moreover, embarking on a journey to enhance physical and mental well-being leads us to the ancient tradition of Asanas. Furthermore, rooted in mindfulness, intentional postures foster a harmonious blend of strength, flexibility, and inner balance. Additionally, this exploration delves into the transformative world of Asanas, unraveling their essence and profound impact on holistic health and self-discovery.

Yoga Asanas

7 Days/ 21 Days/ 30 Days

Yogasana is postured to create strength, awareness, and stability in both the body and the mind. We also conduct disease-specific asana.

By consciously forming the body in a certain posture, one aligns the inner system with the outer, which: •Stimulates and maintains smooth functioning of the internal organs and glands of the body.
•Stretches strengthen and improve the flexibility of all the major muscle groups, lubricate joints, and massage the internal organs.
•Improves blood circulation and rejuvenates body cells.
•Boosts the body’s metabolism, lymphatic circulation, and hormonal secretion.
•Strengthens the immune function.
•Creates stability, proper spinal alignment, and good posture.
•Relaxes the nervous system.
•Helps in the even distribution of energy, which in turn helps the mind to develop calmness and peace.

Provides the following current day traditions of yoga:

  1. Vinyasa yoga.
  2. Hatha yoga.
  3. Iyengar yoga.
  4. Kundalini yoga.
  5. Ashtanga yoga.
  6. Bikram yoga.
  7. Yin yoga.
  8. Restorative yoga.

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