The Journey of Self-Realization: Beyond Experiences

One of the most fundamental things to remember in your inner journey is that whatever you come across, you are not the experience itself. You are the observer, the one who is witnessing it. Whether it is nothingness, blissfulness, or silence, it is crucial to understand that you are not defined by these experiences. You are simply the one who is experiencing them.

It is common for individuals to get caught up in beautiful experiences during their spiritual exploration. They may become identified with these experiences, thinking that they have found themselves. However, they often stop short of reaching the final stage where all experiences disappear. Enlightenment is not an experience; it is the state where you are left absolutely alone, with nothing to know. In this state, there are no objects, no beautiful or enchanting experiences. There is only your subjectivity.

Imagine a mirror that is empty, not reflecting anything. That mirror is you. Even the most experienced travelers of the inner world can become stuck in these beautiful experiences and fail to reach the point where all experiences vanish. They become attached to the objects of their experiences, hindering their progress towards self-realization.

Enlightenment is not found in any experience, no matter how extraordinary. It is found when all experiences are absent, and your consciousness, unobstructed by any object, turns back to its source. It becomes self-realization. It becomes enlightenment.

It is important to understand the concept of objects. Every object acts as a hindrance, an obstruction. Objects can exist outside of you in the material world, or they can reside within you in your psychological and spiritual realms. Even objects within your heart, such as feelings, emotions, sentiments, and moods, can obstruct your path to self-realization.

On your journey, you will encounter various objects and experiences. Enjoy them, appreciate their beauty, but do not become attached or stop your progress. The trees, the mountains, the flowers, the rivers, the sun, the moon, and the stars are all part of the scenery. Embrace them, but keep moving forward.

Only when all experiences are exhausted and there are no objects left, does consciousness move in a circle. It returns to the source, and the subject itself becomes the object. This is the point where the observer becomes the observed, where the knower becomes the known, and where the seer becomes the seen. This is the home you have been searching for, the real temple.

Many seekers become satisfied with beautiful experiences and fail to continue their journey towards self-realization. A courageous seeker must leave these experiences behind and keep moving forward. When all experiences are exhausted, and only the seeker remains in their aloneness, they have reached the ultimate state. No ecstasy is greater, no blissfulness is more blissful, and no truth is truer.

It is time to wake up from your slumber. All these experiences are products of a sleeping mind. The awakened mind has no experiences at all. It is beyond the realm of experiences, beyond objects. It is pure awareness, pure consciousness.

So, remember, you are not your experiences. You are the witness, the observer. Embrace the journey, enjoy the scenes, but keep moving towards self-realization. The ultimate destination awaits you, where you become one with your own subjectivity. That is when you truly awaken and become a god.