Understanding the Ego: Embracing Awareness Over Concentration

In our quest for inner peace and spiritual growth, it’s essential to discern between meditation and mere concentration. Let’s explore why diving deep into concentration can sometimes lead us astray and how embracing awareness can open us to the vastness of existence.

Why Concentration Isn’t Meditation:

Concentration, while useful in scientific endeavors and problem-solving, can inadvertently narrow our consciousness. When we concentrate intensely on a singular point, we exclude the richness of existence surrounding us. This tunnel vision can lead to tension and a sense of disconnection from the world.

Consider the analogy of a scientist so absorbed in his work that he mistakes a ham sandwich for a frog. This anecdote humorously illustrates how excessive concentration can make us oblivious to life’s broader spectrum. While concentration sharpens focus, it often comes at the cost of ignoring the beauty and complexity of existence.

The Fallacy of Transcendental Meditation:

Transcendental Meditation (TM), popularized for its scientific appeal, is often mistaken for true meditation. However, TM primarily fosters concentration rather than genuine meditation. While it may serve scientific inquiry well, it falls short of encompassing the vastness of true meditative practice.

Embracing Meditation:

True meditation isn’t about intense focus but about relaxation and openness. By relaxing into ourselves and accepting the entirety of existence—every sound, every sensation—we become more receptive to the divine harmony surrounding us.

Rather than resisting distractions, we embrace them as integral parts of the cosmic symphony. Just as every note contributes to a beautiful melody, every aspect of existence plays a role in the grand tapestry of life.

Practicing Meditation:

To cultivate a meditative state, we must surrender the urge to control and simply observe. Relaxation and acceptance pave the way for profound insights and inner peace. By relinquishing the need to concentrate, we invite the universe to flow through us, infusing us with boundless energy and clarity.


In understanding the ego, we recognize the limitations of concentration and the liberating power of meditation. By embracing awareness over narrow focus, we reconnect with the interconnectedness of all things. Let us embark on this journey of self-discovery with open hearts and receptive minds, ready to witness the beauty of existence in its entirety.