#105 Unveiling Omnipresence: Understanding the Three Energies of God

In the ancient scriptures of the Vigyan Bhairava Tantra, Verse 105 reveals a profound truth about the nature of existence. It speaks of the omnipresence of God’s energy, manifesting in everything, from living beings to inanimate objects like jars. This belief in omnipresence holds the key to understanding our true nature and the essence of reality.

Kashmir Shaivism elucidates the concept of God’s three main energies: knowledge, action, and will or desire. These energies permeate the universe, transcending individual beings and extending into every corner of existence. When we realize that we are not merely confined to our physical bodies but are manifestations of God’s energy, a profound shift occurs in our perception of reality.

The verse underscores two fundamental truths. Firstly, our essence is energy – the divine energy of God. Secondly, this energy is not limited to our individual selves but is omnipresent, existing in all objects and forms. Thus, everything in the cosmos, animate or inanimate, is composed of this divine energy, making it the sole reality.

By embracing the belief in omnipresence, we acknowledge our inherent connection to the divine. We understand that our true identity is not confined to a singular body but extends beyond, permeating every aspect of existence. This realization transforms our perception, leading us to recognize the omnipresent nature of our being.

Belief is a powerful force that shapes our reality. When we truly internalize the belief in omnipresence, we undergo a profound transformation. We align with our true nature and embody the essence of God. Omnipresence ceases to be a mere concept but becomes our lived reality.

In essence, the journey to omnipresence is a journey of self-realization. It is a recognition of our divine essence and our interconnectedness with all that exists. Through understanding and embracing the three energies of God, we unlock the boundless potential within ourselves and step into the realization of our inherent omnipresence.